Traditionell - Red leather on a natural low (5 cm) base with pippi design

$ 78.40
Product Description:
Traditional clogs come in several styles, materials and in many colors
Clog leather, synthetic, natural grain leather, real cowhides, felt and more
The traditional "Smedtoffeln clog is manufactured on a low (5 cm) base, we now also make a dressier style on a high (7 cm) base
The wooden base comes in natural, black, brown or red
Traditional clogs comes with/without edge binding, with/without a strap over the top
We have a new clog that has a flexible back strap, that can be worn as a decoration over the top, or a support behind the heel
All our Clogs can be decorated with Kurbits painting or with other motifs

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3103 - 75pippi-1

Produced by: Wikinggruppen
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